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"VS TECH" company aims at development, production and realization of the specialized inspection and search devices for security services, customs, police, military and rescue services. We execute all stages of product creation, from invention to development and prototype production, testing and serial model production. Scope of application of our devices can be very diverse. A company possesses a design, experimental and production capability.

It is not uncommon when the specialized devices are not fully satisfying the needs of the users. And to find fully satisfying device on the market is not possible. In such cases our "Innovation laboratory" executes the development and production of different complexity level devices for the specific customers.

Particular attention is paid to the development and production of inspection equipment for the border control, rescue, customs services, security companies. The company "VS TECH" supplies inspection equipment to the Customs Service of the Republic of Latvia, the Security Police, the Home Guard, various units of the Latvian army and other services.

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