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Inspection mirrors kit ALERT

Inspection mirrors kit consists of four section ergonomically designed robust telescopic pole with mounted flashlight bracket. Handle is covered with the insulating material. Kit includes aluminum 2D flashlight, three glass mirrors in plastic housing and a carrying bag.


Lightweight design, high quality materials and reliability of this inspection mirrors kit make it a best choice for effective work, day or night, in any environment.

Inspection Mirror ALERT

Delivery set

Telescopic pole (530mm - 1720mm)
Convex mirror diam.142mm
Mirror diam. 70mm 
Mirror 126mm x 68mm 
Aluminium 2D flashlight (batteries not included)
Carrying bag

Inspection Mirror s kit Alert

1 pcs.
1 pcs.
1 pcs.
1 pcs.
1 pcs.
1 pcs.

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