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Inspection video system VKR 2.2

Inspection video system VKR 2.2 is designed for security services, customs, police, and rescue services.

This video system is used for visual inspection of inaccessible places, including in poor lighting conditions.

Inspection Video System VKR 2.2

VK 2.2 is equipped with video camera that is capable to work in good lighting conditions, as well as in complete darkness. In poor lighting conditions, the camera automatically switches to IR mode to provide clear black and white image. IR LEDs are used to increase a quality of image in dark areas.


The device is equipped with 7 inch monitor with embedded DVR. The monitor has an SD Card slot for capturing Video and Still Images for evidentiary use. The system supports maximum 32GB SD card.  


A radio transmitter is embedded, which makes possible to transmit image from the camera to remote monitors.  

The camera detachable video head is fitted with a joint, allowing the video head to be articulated in wide angles in all directions.  Articulation can be done manually by manually adjusting the camera head to the desired angle.  Articulation can also be achieved by placing the camera head against a fixed object and pushing or pulling the head to the desired angle.  This is handy when carrying out searches when the camera doesn't need to be collapsed to carry out a full search. The telescopic pole of VKR 2.2 extends to over 2 meters with elbow support attached.


The kit is packed in a sturdy bag for carrying. Optional protective hard case is available.

VKR 2.2 radio transmitter

Delivery set

Telescopic pole with 5.8gHz video transmitter
Detachable elbow rest
Detachable videocamera
Detachable color LCD monitor with DVR
Rechargeable battery
Battery charger
Instruction manual
Carrying bag

1 pcs.
1 pcs.
1 pcs.
1 pcs.
1 pcs.
1 pcs.
1 pcs.
1 pcs.

Technical specs

Telescopic pole length 
Carrying bag we
ight with all accessories
Camera resolution
Color / IR
Color LCD monitor with DVR
DVR storage
Video transmitter
Battery type
Battery capacity

900mm - 2200mm

3 kg
420 lines
7 inch
SD card up to 32gb

VK 2.2 Transportation bag
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