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Inspection Video System VK-W

Inspection Video System VK-W is designed for security services, customs, police, and rescue services.

This video system is used for visual inspection of inaccessible places, including in poor lighting conditions.


VK-W is equipped with video camera that is capable to work in various lighting conditions. In poor lighting conditions, 2 high brightness LEDs can be manually switched on to provide lighting for the camera. 

The device is equipped with HD camera with wi-fi transceiver. The device can be wirelessly connected to any Android device, that can be used as system monitor and control camera functions. The video feed as well as photos can be captured and stored in connected Android device.

The camera detachable video head is fitted with a joint, allowing the video head to be articulated in wide angles in all directions.  Articulation can be done by manually adjusting the camera head to the desired angle.  The standard telescopic pole of VK-W extends to 1,6 m. Upon request, the Video System can be supplied with telescopic pole of up to 4 meters long.


VK-W Video System is supplied with carrying bag. 

VK-W video head is fully compatible with our LED product line. You can convert your previously purchased D-LED, D-3,5, D-5 from inspection mirror to inspection video system. Just unsrew the mirror holder with LED torch and screw the video head on. You won't even have to change the batteries. 

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